Steampire Cheats Disable All Enemy Defense Hack

Steampire Cheats Disable All Enemy Defense Hack

Steampire cheats disable all enemy defense hack only use Cheat Engine Trainer, free hack, free download, no password, no survey, 100% work watch the video for proof and safe no banned already tested. Play Jungle Heat game on facebook, attack the enemy territory or map and win battles easily by using Steampire CETrainer. Function of hack in the Steampire CETrainer is to disable enemy defense and defender units, make your troops can destroy building and wall on 1 hit.

Steampire disable all enemy defense hack only use cheat engine trainer (CETrainer) was made by Cyber Wolf, not by me. So, if this hack not work please cantact him. You can contact him via her facebook account or his website.

Updating Information:
Steampire hack has been updated on Wednesday, ‎December ‎21, ‎2016. Update to Steampire hack version Steampire-17Sept2016.

The contains of Steampire CETrainer:

  1. Disable enemy’s or opponent’s defense: This includes all cannons , all types of towers and ballista. The only thing it wont disable is guard tower.
  2. One hit to destroy buildings: All the buildings are destroyed with on hit.
  3. One hit to destroy walls: All walls are destroyed with just one hit irrespective of their level.
  4. Disable defender units: Units defending the opponent’s base are disabled.

Enable all hack when the main page is being loaded, precisely when the loading of a page has reached more than 10% and less than 90%.

NOTE: Make sure to move a building before refreshing . Also, Make sure that your storage has enough capacity to hold the resources obtained from missions. If you don’t have enough capacity for resources then it will not save your mission !

Video For Steampire Cheats Disable All Enemy Defense Hack:

Steampire Game Link:

Tools Required For Steampire Cheats Disable All Enemy Defense Hack:


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