Red Crucible Firestorm Multi-Hack

Red Crucible Firestorm multi-hack free download, no password, no survey, only use Cheat Engine Trainer, no banned, not detected malicious virus, 100% work and always updated by the creator. Play Red Crucible Firestorm, the version of Red Crucible by Rocketeergames with using RC Firestorm Multi-Hack (Red Crucible Firestorm CETrainer) and you will be the best player in this game, because this trainer have a lot of function of hack.

Red Crucible Firestorm multi-hack is made in the form of Cheat Engine Traine (CETrainer) files and this trainer was made by Richardson Facundes, not by me. So, if this hack not work please cantact him, you can contact him via her facebook page or youtube channel.

What’s function of hack that contained in the RC Firestorm CETrainer?
– Show nick player (opponent and friend).
– Adding movement speed by 10x.
– No buffeting recoil when the gun fired.
– No spread of bullets.
– Can join a full team.
– Adding to the height of the jump by 5x.
– No cooldown time.
– Aimbot.
– Unlimited ammo after joining server.

Terms of use RC Firestorm Multi-Hack:
You must enable hack before click play button except for unlimited bullet hack, to enable unlimited bullet hack then you must login to the server, join game then fire a few bullets and enable the hack.

Maybe this hack was made by adding AobswapPlugin.lua function. So, maybe you must add AobswapPlugin.lua in to Cheat Engine. And I am not responsible with this hack and your account.

How To Add AobswapPlugin in to Cheat Engine:
Download and extract AobswapPlugin, copy AobswapPlugin.lua file to autorun folder (Computer – Local Disk (C) – Program File – Cheat Engine 6.4 – autorun folder).


Video Tutorial For Red Crucible Firestorm Multi-Hack:

[youtube id=”ZPGG_9BckWg” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Tools required For Red Crucible Firestorm Multi-Hack:

Cheat Engine, recommended use Cheat Engine Latest Version:

Download Cheat Engine

Red Crucible Firestorm Multi-Hack:

Download Trainer Latest Version


Download AobSwapPlugin

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