KingsRoad Cheat Complete Hack New and Work

KingsRoad Cheat Complete Hack New and Work

KingsRoad cheat complete hack only using cheat engine trainer, free hack, free download, no passowrd, no survey and 100% work watch video tutorial for proof.

Play KingsRoad game and win all battle easily with using KingsRoad cheat complete hack only using cheat engine trainer. Features of this hack is: anti detection of cheat, attack speed, movement speed, attack range, disable line of sights, auto attack, attack barrel, direct ranged attack and abilities.

Updating Information For KingsRoad Hack: KingsRoad Cheat Complete Hack New and Work has been updated on ‎Saturday, ‎October ‎01, ‎2016. Update to KingsRoad hack version 30.09.2016.

KingsRoad cheat complete hack only using cheat engine trainer was made by Richardson Facundes, not by me. So, if this hack not work, please cantact him. You can contact him via her facebook account or facebook fan page.

Maybe this hack was made by adding AobswapPlugin.lua function. So, maybe you must add AobswapPlugin.lua in to Cheat Engine. And I am not responsible with this hack and your account, because this hack is not made by me.

How To Add AobswapPlugin in to Cheat Engine:
Download and extract AobswapPlugin, copy AobswapPlugin.lua file to autorun folder (Computer – Local Disk (C) – Program File – Cheat Engine 6.4 – autorun folder).


You must enable hack when loading of game was reached more than 70% – 80%. Enable pause to stop loading of game and enable play to run the loading of game.

Video Tutorial For How To Use KingsRoad Cheat Complete Hack New and Work :

Tools Required For KingsRoad Cheat Complete Hack New and Work :

Cheat Engine (recommended use cheat engine version 6.4, click button below and if you was on the Cheat Engine downloading page then scrolling down of page and select Cheat Engine 6.4):

Download Cheat Engine

AobswapPlugin.rar (download, extract and paste to autorun folder):

Download AobswapPlugin

KingsRoad Hack 30.09.2016 (free download, no password and no survey):

Download CETrainer

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  1. do this hack still work?? its jan 22 2017 now??

  2. Tari Mani Bhose | October 15th, 2016 at 12:49 | Reply

    This is fake link not worked…
    it’s take me to that how to make money with mucis this is really…..********

  3. Update Versi 6.2.0 Pls

  4. hello, I have problems with the speed in the game with mozilla, google chrome then launch use the hack and putting first speed hack to 0 does not block me loading, then the hack does not work well to me, any advice?

  5. Next time you put an a downlaod link of AoBSwagPlug ok!

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