Install Unsigned Apk on Android Phone (Guides)

How to Install Unsigned Apk on Android Device

General guide how to install unsigned apk using lucky patcher. You cannot install an unsigned application on a phone before rooting your phone, so follow this steps so that your unsigned apk can be installed.

Benefits of rooting your phone for unsigned apk games is patching signature and make your device thinking that the signature is always true, so you can install any unsigned modded apk on your phone, login with your Facebook account without uninstalling Facebook app, login with your Google+ on modded games and many more.

What is the difference between signed and unsigned apk?

There is only a minor difference in both the version of the application. The signed app contains an extra folder i.e. ‘META-INF’ which also contains the following,


So, here I will explain you excellent ways to install unsigned app on your rooted, non-rooted device. The following solution also works on BlueStacks.

How to install unsigned APK on rooted phones?

  1. Make sure your device is rooted, and have latest SuperSU and Busybox binaries.
  2. Download Lucky Patcher from and install it
  3. Open Lucky Patcher from the app drawer and let it refresh
  4. Click “Toolbox”
    lucky patcher select toolbox
  5. Click “Patch to android”
    lucky patcher select patch to android
  6. Check “Signature Verification status always true” and “Disable .apk Signature Verfication” and click Apply. Your device will reboot or not reboot. Depending from device to device!
    lucky patcher click apply button
    – IMPORTANT! If Lucky Patcher does not allow you to check “only patch dalvik-cache, which means, your device does not support patching dalvik-cache. Patching without patching dalvik-cache will immediately reboot your device which is excepted and it is 100% normal. Do not panic!
    – Most devices running Android Lollipop will reboot when patching
  7. Your device will immediately reboot depending from device to device. skip 7a if device rebooted
    – If you go panic and trying to say “arrrgh why my device reboot!?!?!?! why reboot this is not expected!!!!!!!!! where is the messsage??????”. just go to sleep or go outside!
    – If your device does not reboot after clicking “apply” and this message appear, just click OK (ONLY if patched in dalvik-cache).
  8. Reboot your device
  9. Install the unsigned modded apk over the playstore version. (Do NOT uninstall the playstore version!)
  10. Open the game, login to Google Play, and enjoy!



Watch tutorial how to root any Android device without a computer.

Video original by The Android Guy

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