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What is cetrainer file? How to open cetrainer files?

What is cetrainer file?

The cetrainer file extension is primarily associated with DBVM (also known as a Cheat Engine), a virtualization software that will run your operating system and expands the instruction set to allow usermode application access to kernelmode.

The cetrainer file stores various data used for internal purposes of the DBVM.

How to open cetrainer files?

You must install Cheat Engine same version with Cheat Engine that was create cetrainer file. All of my hack created using Cheat Engine version 6.6, so you must install Cheat Engine 6.6 or higher to open and use my hack.

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Is all the software that I share it safe to use?

Yes all the tools I share it safe, but for some reason, my latest trainer is being flagged for having Malware. The only thing I’ve done differently is incorporate an LUA script for buttons/text boxes.

Please read on Cheat Engine forum before using my trainer. If you do not believe with the tools that I made then do not use my tools.

Read this before use:


and also you can search by your self on Cheat Engine forum with using key word Cheat Engine contain a virus. I do not force you to use my trainer, if you believe then please download, but if you do not believe then do not download.

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Are all hack or mod that are here working?

All hack, cheat or trainer that made by me absolutely working and you can contact me if all hack that made by me not work anymore, I will fix hack, cheat or trainer soon as possible, click here to contact me or you can comment In the corresponding article, but I just ordinary people who have limited. also provide hack and Mod from other creator and i’m not guaranteed hack or trainer was made by other creator.

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How to Download Hack or Mod?

You can download, hack, cheat, trainer or Mod by click on the download button that contain in the article. Then you will be redirect to the and wait until “Get Link” button appear, after that click “Get Link” button and you will redirect again to the download page. If you want help me, click Ad in the safelinkreview page.

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How To Get Hack or Mods?

You can get hack, cheat, trainer or Mod Apk by click on the download button that contained in the article or post. Usually name of download button writing with name of the hack and download.

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Are all hack and Mod that are here is a free?

Yes, We only provide free tools, hack, cheat, cheat engine trainer standalone, Mod Apk. And we forbid if you sell our hack, cheat and our trainer.

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What Is is website that provide tools, hack or cheat and cheat engine trainer standalone to order your facebook game easier to play. also provide Mod Apk for Android Game.

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