Star Wars: Commander Trainer Version 12, New Update

Star Wars: Commander Hack New Update

  • V.12 Version
  • 1759 Download
  • 16 KB File Size
  • November 11th, 2017 Create Date

Please read and watch tutorial how to use Star Wars: Commander Trainer version 12 before use. Click button below to read and watch tutorial how to use Star Wars: Commander Trainer version 12:


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25 Comments on "Star Wars: Commander Trainer Version 12, New Update"

  1. Good Morning. Will the option of instant heroic defense be available?

  2. Nice work, my friend. Everything working. Thank you.

  3. Hello,
    Today the game has had a new update. The hack does not work. Thanks for the hack.

  4. The hack was working so far little, there went into the game appeared that screen of installation of the game and the hack, after that it did not work anymore.
    “Sorry, Hack Failed To enable”

  5. Hi! New hack don’t working.

  6. there is a problem with the hack. if you enable the range part the troops dont shoot when they are close to a building

  7. no more instant defense win?

  8. Hi… very nice hack, best I’ve come across. Unfortunately no longer working after 04/17/2018 game Update. Sure hope you guys can fix 🙂

  9. roshan tamang | April 18th, 2018 at 15:48 | Reply

    can u please update new updated hack

  10. V10 hack fail

  11. Please update the hack link to download version 08. Thanks

  12. version 08 it’s very very good …tank

  13. Commander was updated this week and hack version 05 is no longer working. Would you please update hack?

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