Cafeland Trainer New Version, Version 02

Cafeland Hack New Update Celahgame

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  • November 15th, 2017 Create Date
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13 Comments on "Cafeland Trainer New Version, Version 02"

  1. Without a cash feature, the new Trainer is not really worth the effort.. Is it possible to add it? (Version 1 had the $1000 Cash every time you leveled up.)

  2. This new version Trainer is for Cafeland World Kitchen and does not work for classic Cafeland. It’s completely different. My original Trainer (which I’d had about 2 months) stopped working a couple of weeks ago (none of the hacks would work anymore.) I tried restarting,etc. Eventually I deleted the program and attempted to download again, but again, now all I see is the World Kitchen version. Also, my son had run up the cash not knowing this was a rule, which I have corrected. Can you please advise on how/where to get a Trainer download for classic Cafeland, perhaps the old version? Thank you.

    • Please give me the link?
      link for both games

    • I’m not sure what you mean when you ask for a link to both games. Celahgame’s Trainer for “Cafeland”, which is downloaded from this page, is now only good for “Cafeland World Kitchen”. That is a completely different game from “Cafeland”, and therefore the cheats provided through one’s Trainer are not applicable to the other. The older version of your Trainer was for “Cafeland”; this new Version 2 is for “Cafeland World Kitchen”. (Even the picture on the top of this webpage is of “Cafeland World Kitchen”.) V2 does not work for “Cafeland”. As far as a link…. you can reach Cafeland through facebook or facebook gameroom, obviously; the cheat does not work in either format. Version 1 was correct for “Cafeland.” The Trainer V2 box that comes up once downloaded looks completely different from the old version, and is even titled “Cafeland World Kitchen”. You simply have the wrong Trainer embedded from your download (again, it is for “World Kitchen”, not classic “Cafeland”.) Thank you.

  3. Não funciona

  4. what if I get banned?

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