Contract Wars Multy Hack Update

Contract Wars multy hack update only use Cheat Engine Trainer. This hack is free hack, we can download it for free, without keywords and without survey. This hack is 100% working, you can see the video below as evidence. You must enable all hack in the loading of game.

Contract Wars multy hack was made in the Cheat Engine Trainer extension. Which makes this hack is Richardson Facundes, contact this guy’s if this hack not work. You can contact him via her Facebook account or his Facebook fan page.

Game Link: Play Contract Wars on Facebook

Note: You must put AobswapPlugin.lua in to Cheat Engine before opening this hack. If it does not do so then the hack cannot be open. I am not responsible with this hack and your account.

How To Add AobswapPlugin in to Cheat Engine:
Download and extract AobswapPlugin, copy AobswapPlugin.lua file to autorun folder (Computer – Local Disk (C) – Program File – Cheat Engine 6.4 – autorun folder).


Video Tutorial For How To Use Contract Wars Multy Hack:

Tools Required For  Contract Wars Multy Hack:


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