Cafeland Hack Cash, Instant Cooking and Coins 2018

Cafeland Hack Cash

Free Cafeland hack get permanent 1 K cash on level up, instant cooking, get 100K coins tip and 100 food count 100% working, free download and safe no banned. Cafeland hack has been updated on ‎November ‎13, ‎2018. The function of Cafeland hack is to cooking food instantly, to change the tip coins into 100K, to make the unlimited heart and to change the food count to 100.

NOTE: Please empty all food on the counter and stove before activating instant cooking hack. If not emptied, then the server connection will be lost or instant cooking hack will not work.

Cafeland hack is free hack, we can get this hack tools for free download, no password, no survey and safe from viruses. Cafeland hack is made using Cheat Engine latest version, so please download and install Cheat Engine before download Cafeland cheats trainer.

Update: Cafeland hack instant cooking, 100K coin tip, unlimited heart and food count cheat has been updated on November ‎13, ‎2018. Update to Cafeland cheats trainer version 03. Please tell me by add your comment if this hack not work, I will fix and update as soon as possible.

Tutorial How to Use Cafeland Hack:

  1. Download and install Cheat Engine latest version.
  2. Download Cafeland cheats trainer.
  3. Play Cafeland game through your favorite browser or Facebook Gameroom and make sure no food on the counter and stove (must empty). If still there then please empty it.
  4. Open Cafeland cheat trainer then select process browser in accordance with the browser you are use (click “Process Handler” button, then double click process browser on the process browser list box to inject process). Details (usually selected topmost):
    – FlashPlayerPlugin for Firefox
    – chrome for Google Chrome (you must fast enable all hack, because loading game can not stopped in Google Chrome).
    – Facebook Gameroom Browser for Facebook Gameroom.
  5. Reload game and stop first loading by click “Stop Loading” button on the trainer.
  6. Now enable hack by click name of hack button.
  7. Then run loading by click “Run Loading” button
  8. Done, back to the game and let’s cook.
  9. Watch video tutorial how to use hack Cafeland for more details:

Tools Required to Cheats:

Cheat Engine latest version. Please download and install Cheat Engine latest version first before download Cafeland cheats traner. Click button below to download Cheat Engine latest version:

Download Cheat Engine Latest Version

Cafeland hack trainer latest version, that is version 03. Click button below to download Cafeland cheats trainer version 03 for free, no password, no survey and safe from viruses:

Download Hack Cafeland v.03

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24 Comments on "Cafeland Hack Cash, Instant Cooking and Coins 2018"

  1. thank you 🙂

  2. update please

  3. I have to make sure that I do not exceed 7 million coins and up?

  4. how much coins should not exceed?

  5. I got banned from cafeland. what causes is that?

  6. no, if got banned, it’s caused collect more 500 diamonds in total (if u use this hack)

    what does it mean? what is diamonds?

  7. Won’t I get banned if I using this cheat engine?

  8. Erzsébet Mikitáné Szabó | April 29th, 2018 at 01:32 | Reply

    Nem ad végtelen szivet! Nem ad cafeland cash!

  9. Hi, Deny Im a user of your cheats, Fashland,Marketland, and Cafeland.., But my Cafeland cheat isnt working? why? I followed the instruction..

  10. Thanks for your great work, in my game it takes 2 days that it does not work, could you fix it? Thank you

  11. Can you put unspoiled food hack? pleaaaasee T_T

  12. pertama instal berkerja dengan baik gan, kemudian saya reload game karena tidak bisa instan cooking setelah di reload jadi tidak bekerja. thx

    • hapus semua masakan yang ada di stoves dan counters, kemudian reload game dan gunakan hack. Hack tidak akan bekerja jika ada masakan di stoves dan counters sebelum hack di aktifkan.

  13. not work gan tolong di update dong

    • maaf masih bekerja
      jika instant cooking tidak bekerja maka silahkan hapus semua masakan di stove dan counter, kemudian reload game dan ulangi proses dari awal

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