Tropic Storm Cheat Disable Enemy Cannon and Mines New Update

Tropic Storm Cheat Disable Enemy Cannon and Unlimited Energy Hack

Free Tropic Storm cheat disable enemy cannon and disable enemy mines or trap 100% work, free download and safe no banned. Tropic Storm hack has been updated on ‎‎‎April ‎19, ‎2018. The function of Tropic Storm cheat is to make idle all enemy cannon, not attacking and to make all mines or trap not explode.

Tropic Storm cheat trainer is free, we can get this cheat trainer for free, free download, no password, no survey and safe from viruses. Tropic Storm cheat trainer was made using Cheat Engine latest version, so please download and install Cheat Engine latest version before download this cheat trainer.

Updating Information: Tropic Storm hack disable enemy cannon and disable enemy mines has been updated on ‎‎‎‎April ‎19, ‎2018. Update to Tropic Storm hack trainer version 37. Please tell me by add your comment if this hack not work, I will fix and update as soon as possible.

Tropic Storm Hack Features:

  • Disable Enemy Cannon Hack: Remove attack function of cannon, so all enemy cannon will not attacking.
  • Disable Enemy Mines Hack: Remove active and explosion function of mines, so all enemy mines will not exploded.

Tutorial How To Use Tropic Storm Cheat Trainer:

  1. Download and install Cheat Engine 6.7 if do not have.
  2. Download Tropic Storm hack trainer.
  3. Play Tropic Storm game through your favorite browser or through Facebook Gameroom.
    Play Game: Tropic Storm Game Link
  4. Open Tropic Storm trainer and sselect process browser in accordance with the browser you are use (click “Process Handler” button, then double click process browser on the process browser list box to inject process). Details (usually selected topmost):
    – FlashPlayerPlugin for Firefox
    – chrome for Google Chrome (you must fast enable all hack, because loading game can not stopped in Google Chrome).
    – Facebook Gameroom Browser for Facebook Gameroom.
  5. Now click hack list button one by one to enable hack.
  6. Back to the Tropic Storm game and let’s play.

Tropic Storm Cheat Required:

Cheat Engine latest version (version 6.7). Please download and install Cheat Engine latest version before download Tropic Storm hack trainer. Click button below to download Cheat Engine latest version:

Download Cheat Engine

Tropic Storm trainer hack latest version (Version 37) free download, no password and no survey. Click button below to download Tropic Storm trainer V.37 (work for 32bit or 64bit):

Download Tropic Storm Trainer

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235 Comments on "Tropic Storm Cheat Disable Enemy Cannon and Mines New Update"

  1. Hi !! version 36 stop today ..fixed please !!

  2. hi,
    v36 doesn’t work, please fix it

  3. Hi !! version 35 stop today ..fixed please !!

  4. hi
    hack v35 stopped and doesn’t work, please fix it

  5. Hi , please update the trainer thanks !! V34 No work

    • Hi Julio
      Hack has been updated to version 35

      • Last time I used a trick where the troop attacked at maximum distance from the defenses, something like increased attack range. It was very comfortable to use because the Base was pointed out with the flare and everything was solved immediately. If it were possible I would like to try that trick .. Many thanks again

        • I can make attack rage hack, but it will cause the account to be blocked. I will make it for you, but do not blame me if your account blocked

          • Thanks for answering, if the risk is true, but I did not use the remote attack in PVP, because of the risk of reporting. But it is better to do something safe for everyone!

          • If we use attack range then account will blocked directly by the server, not due to reporting by other users. GM does not always respond reports that submit by users

  6. pls version 34 stop no loger

  7. Hi !! version 34 stop today ..fixed please !!

  8. Hi V34 no work …fix please thanks

  9. Hi
    Hack v34 doesn’t work, please fix it
    thank you

  10. Hi,end and v34 if you find time going to v35. thanks!!!

  11. Hi !! version 33 stop today ..fixed please !!

  12. Hi !! version 33 stop today ..fixed please !!thanks

  13. Hi. version 33 stop today ..fixed please !

  14. v33 worked for 2 days and now stopped

  15. Do you have gold, oil, steel tropic storm cheat

  16. v32 worked for 1 day and stopped next day

  17. Hi !! version 32 stop today ..fixed please !!

  18. Hi V32 no work …fix please thanks

  19. Hi bro,,,

    Version 32 hack doesn’t work.

    Thank you so much bro.

  20. Hi V31 No work today for me …please fixed ..thanks !!

  21. Hi !! version 30 stop today ..fixed please !!

  22. V30 today already stop working?

  23. Hi bro,,,

    Version 30 hack has stopped today.

    Thank you so much bro.

  24. Kill yourself Deny they banned me for using it!!!!1

  25. Hi bro,,,

    Version 29 hack has stopped today.

    Thank you so much bro.

  26. Hi, please can you do new update V28 stop to work as soon as possible please!

  27. The game has been updated, so v28 would not work.
    If you please update the hack as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  28. Hi bro,,,

    v28 hack has stopped today.

    Thank you so much bro.

  29. The game has been updated today, so v28 would not work.
    Please update the hack as soon as possible. Pleas!

  30. Hi bro,,,

    Hack stopped today…

  31. Hi bro,,,

    If you please, check emails here every 3 or 4 days, cause hack may be stopped within 3 or 4 days.

    Thx a lot bro

  32. Hi bro,,,

    The game has been updated today, so v26 would not work.
    If you please u[date the hack as soon as possible.

    Thx bro

  33. update 26 not working now

  34. hi, it is no longer possible do new update for tropical storm ? I hppe that you answer me so i stop to ask. tk.

  35. boss trainer is not working plz update it

  36. hi bro,
    isn’t there a hack?!!!

  37. version 25 no funciona actualiza el hack por favor

  38. version 25 stoped working

  39. tropic strom version 25 is working kindly please update it Thank You

  40. Please version 26… Because version 25 it’s falied…

  41. The hack don’t work anymore

  42. V24 sto to work pleas new update TK

  43. Trainer v.23 stop to work, update please 🙁

  44. v23 stop working

  45. v.23 does not work anymore

  46. tropic storm not work

  47. V23 stop to work pleas new update

  48. Tropic Storm V23 it’s patch, doesn’t work anymore. Just a request to your way of hack – why don’t you (or better, the hack) give the feedback ”Enable” or ”Disable” instead of ”Done!” ? It’s all ”Done!” working or not and we have to find out by loosing, doubting sometimes if we did use the hack correctly or miss something. Is just an opinion, hope at least you let this comment worn the other users that they are going to loose till the next trainer. Thank you for sharing this with everybody.

  49. v22 stop to work

  50. v.22 does not work anymore

  51. Stop to work pleas new update

  52. v22 not working anymore

  53. v21 yesterday working today not

  54. v21 not working

  55. v.21 does not work anymore

  56. not working :(((((((((

  57. was working till yesturday no working now

  58. v.20 does not work anymore there was an update

  59. we need a new update … please

  60. not working now

  61. Hi bro,
    the hack was working yesterday, but today stopped and doesn’t work on any browser..

  62. not working for me

  63. is not working 🙁

  64. v.19 works no more can you please update and thanks for the good work

  65. we need some hack of notes for the game, please get

  66. does not work, I clear cookies and browsing history after I enter the game and inject, but after injected the islands are loading infinitely…

    Please, do an update that really works ???

  67. It does not work, fix it

  68. does not work for me, it takes time to be injected

  69. finalmente tivemos uma atualização

  70. no work for me

  71. we need a new update .. thanks alot

  72. I’m going to communicate to the game administrators, useless hacker … your cheaters stop spoiling the game …

    • Please use your logic before reporting. the game will be more and more users if there are hacking tools (if not cheating resource/premium resources).

    • stop being gay!!! its only to get recourses, not for peoples bases I coin to and coin plenty if I had to keep losing tanks just to get recourses I would never coin!!

  73. we need a new update .. thanks alot

  74. Bikin cheat dragon city terbaru dong

  75. does v11 still work as mine crashes shockwave as i try to engage into battle

  76. Hi hack keeps causing flash crash

    • Close the game, clear cache and cookie on the browser, close browser (optional: clear use ccleaner) then play tropic storm again use my cetrainer
      And do not use decrease load time button on the loading page

  77. Please update

  78. please update

  79. need update thanks 😀

  80. 404 not found error in link for trainer

  81. how can I program downloaded Download Tropic Storm CETRAINER V.09 ??? I searched and I can not allow I download .We thank

  82. Update the hacker as I can not extract with winrar … put the 64 bit option .. please. Get that right.

  83. Hello Deny04,
    New update V.08 disable enemy tower & inifinte energy spell not working please update it.

  84. Please update

  85. hello,
    The cheat tool V.07 Infinite Energy Spell not working please update it.

  86. It stops working today. Please update. Thanks


  88. Hi The download link is not working 404 error . Thanks

  89. hack stops working please update

  90. hack stops working please update

  91. game has been updated.. please update the hack.. thanks

  92. Kirigaya Kazuto | February 22nd, 2017 at 11:03 | Reply

    not work update please..

  93. energy hack stop working

  94. riadi israhudin | February 18th, 2017 at 21:27 | Reply

    hari pertama saya download langsung pakai work 100% min, tapi pas hari kedua saya pakai malah nggax work lg min masalahnya apa yah..

  95. still wont work takes a while to inject turret option

  96. Thank you for the excellent trainers!
    specially installed and launched the trainer on manual video – but unfortunately the opponents weapons are not turned off – what could be the reason?

  97. Today stopped working.

  98. ya no funciona

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