Titans Hack Disable Enemy Unit and Defense Cetrainer

Titans Hack New Update

Titans hack disable enemy defense and enemy unit only use Cheat Engine table trainer (.CETRAINER), update ‎October ‎28, ‎2017. Get this cetrainer for free, free download, no survey,  no password, 100% work and safe. Play Titans game on Facebook or Facebook Gameroom then defeat all your opponent easily with using Titans cheats new update.

Titans cheat disable enemy defense and disable enemy unit hack was created using Cheat Engine 6.6 and the results are made in the form of .cetrainer file (Cheat Engine Table Trainer). Please tell me if titans game cetrainer does not work, I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Please enable or activate all hack on the loading page, use “STOP/RUN LOADING” button on the cetrainer to stop and run loading page. And also you must have Cheat Engine 6.6 before use this cetrainer. Please select Facebook Gameroom Browser on the cetrainer if you play Titans games through Facebook Gameroom application.

Updating Information: Titans hack disable enemy defense, enemy unit and moving speed cetrainer has been updated on ‎‎‎‎October ‎28, ‎2017. Update to Titans CETRAINER version 11.

Titans Hack Features:

  • Disable Enemy Defense System: Defense systems like  Turrets, Tesla Traps and etc., are disabled.
  • Disable Enemy Units: While doing the missions , the enemies units are disabled. The enemy units in PvP are also Disabled. They won’t move / shoot.
  • Moving Speed Hack: Robot will move 500 times faster than normal.

Tutorial How to Use Titans Hack Cetrainer:

  • Download and install Cheat Engine, then download Titans cetrainer.
  • Play Titans game through your favorite browser.
  • Open Titans cetrainer and select process browser in the cetrainer. Example: Firefox select FlashPlayerPlugin, Google Chrome select Chrome and Facebook Gameroom application select Facebook Gameroom Browser.
  • Enable hack by click name of hack then click enable button. Enable hack when the game is being loaded, use “STOP/RUN LOADING” button to stop and run loading.
  • Read general guide how to use our cetrainer or
  • Watch video tutorial below for more details:

Tools Required for Titans Hack Disable Enemy Defense and Unit Defense:

Cheat Engine latest version, make sure you already install Cheat Engine latest version before open Titans cetrainer. Click button below to download Cheat Engine latest version:

Download Cheat Engine 6.6

Titans Hack latest version (Cetrainer Version 11) free download, no password and no survey. Click button below to download Titans cetrainer version 10 (work for 32-bit or 64-bit):

Titans Cetrainer Version 11

48 Comments on "Titans Hack Disable Enemy Unit and Defense Cetrainer"

  1. Please Candy Valley Game Hack

  2. pls update v10 bro its not working now

  3. need to update V9 also disable unit not working

  4. need to update the centrainer its not working

  5. you are deny our request and not updating the centrianer please let me know any roblem bro

  6. Difficult to inject Facebook GameRoom Browser.

    • Play titans game, open cetrainer then select process browser “Facebook Gameroom Browser”, wait until notification appear, back to the game then reload game, then enable hack without selecting process browser again.
      Please watch video for more details.

  7. disable enemy units not work. please. fix it. Thanks!

  8. Sorry, just spotted your latest update today, V.08, now works, thanks again (very fast !!) 🙂

  9. Hi, there has been another new update and unfortunately it appears that the disable units hack no longer works in Flashplayer / Firefox. Disable defences still works, thanks.

  10. today onwards the Disable units not working

  11. Thank you for updating the hack, unfortunately I can not still get the disable units hack to work in either Chrome, Flashplayer or Facebook Gameroom. Is it something I’m doing wrong ?

  12. Hi, only the disable defences hack seems to be work on both Chrome and Flashplayer plugin. Disable units has stopped working, thanks.

  13. Hello Deny,
    how many days takes for new updates

  14. Hi Deny04,
    Hack stoped working can you please update it

  15. Need update Disable Units plss ^^

  16. Hello Deny,
    The hack not working please update it.

  17. A new update to Titans today, can you please update trainer, v.03, it no longer disables units or defences, thank you again.

  18. Is not working 🙁

  19. New update to Titans this afternoon, can you please update trainer, v.02 no longer disables units, defences still ok, thnx

  20. it is not working any more is it patched?

    • Titans trainer has been updated to version 02 and 100% work. Thank you for the notice and please tell me again if this trainer not work, i will update as soon as possible.

  21. john korakas | March 21st, 2017 at 10:54 | Reply

    i get a #c1112 error code when i load a mision whith the trainer activated. when i rfresh the trainer does not work.

  22. Adain cheat game android dong. Nama game nya seven knight

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