The King Of Tower Hack Super Tower and Super Heroes

The King of Tower hack Update

The King of Tower hack super tower, super barrack soldier, super heroes and 1 total wave new update, 100% work and safe no banned.  Function of The King of Tower hack is to add damage 1 hit kill to tower, barrack soldier and heroes, god mode for heroes and barrack soldier and make only 1 total wave.

The King of Tower hack is free hack, we can get this hack for free download, no password, no survey and safe from viruses. The King of Tower cheat trainer was made using Cheat Engine latest version, so please download and install before download this hack.

Updating Information : The King Of Tower hack super tower, super barrack soldier, super heroes and 1 total wave has been updated on ‎February ‎13, ‎2018. Update to The King Of Tower trainer hack Version 90. Please tell me by add your comment if this hack not work, I will fix and update it as soon as possible.

The King of Tower Hack Features:

  1. Tower Damage: Add huge damage for your all tower, can 1 hit kill.
  2. Attack Range Of Tower: Add unlimited attack range for all tower.
  3. Heroes Damage: Add huge damage for your all heroes, can kill enemy in 1 shot.
  4. Infinite HP/Life: Make your heroes and soldier to be immortal.
  5. 1 Total Wave: Make the total number of waves to 1, so you can finish the battle quickly.

Tutorial How to Use The King of Tower Hack:

  • Download and install Cheat Engine then Download The King of Tower trainer hack.
  • Open and play The King of Tower through your favorite browser or through Facebook Gameroom up to the battle map. Play The King of Tower here:
  • Open The King of Tower trainer then select process browser. Example: FlashPlayerPlugin for Firefox, Chrome for Google Chrome and Facebook gameroom Browser for Facebook Gameroom.
  • Now enable hack on the loading page after click fight button, click stop/run load button in the trainer to stop loading, then click stop/run load button again after all hack complete to enable.
  • Tips for Google Chrome user:
    – Select process browser (Chrome) then click “Inject” button after you get in to the game then enable one hack.
    – After enable one hack then back to select browser (Chrome) then click “Inject” button once again, after that enable all hack by click name of hack then click “enable” button. If no take long time when enable hack, that mean hack successfully enabled.
  • Done
  • Read general guide using our trainer or
  • Watch video tutorial below for more details:

Tools Required:

Cheat Engine 6.7. Please download and install Cheat Engine 6.7 before download The King of Tower hack, because this hack would not open if the device not yet installed Cheat Engine 6.7. Click button below to download Cheat Engine 6.7:

Download Cheat Engine 6.7

The King of Tower hack cetrainer version 90. Download this cetrainer for free, free download, no password, no survey and safe from viruses. Click button below to download The King of Tower trainer version 90 (work for 32bit and 64bit):

Download TKOT Traner Hack

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87 Comments on "The King Of Tower Hack Super Tower and Super Heroes"

  1. Maike Weslei Tomasi Miguel | March 19th, 2018 at 05:52 | Reply

    Hey can you help me?!
    I play the portuguese version of The King of Towers, is O Rei de Torres but the admins of game don’t atualize anymore the game. I’d like ask for you, if you can, to make a hack to this version. Thanks a lot if can.

  2. Hello, I’m contacting you to ask about “THE KING OF TOWER 89.CETRAINER”; I tried so hard to make it work, but I couldn’t make it sadly 😞, so I was asking if there is anything to do? thanks a lot in advance. ^ ^ (P.S.: I’m using Chrome, and I left a message on Facebook, but it said that here is a better place.)

    • Hack has been updated to version 90

      • Thanks a lot! The tower hack is not working for some reason, but the rest is more than enough! Cheers!

        • do you already fortify your tower? min fortify tower until level 2

          • Ahmed Khalil | February 15th, 2018 at 22:51 |

            My towers are fortified to level 75+, and all the upgrades are purchased too! but for some reason when I activate the towers hack, the towers don’t auto attack at all, only their special abilities work (like the tornado).
            However, I suffice with the barracks and upgrade them to ranged soldiers, with the super heroes they are unstoppable! 😀
            So, again, thanks for the hack! ^ ^

  3. Not working, can you update please? thanks and happy holidays

  4. V89 does not work. Please update!

  5. 89 is not working on Firefox. needs update.

  6. please update cheat. v89 is not working anymore 🙁

  7. Excuse me, but v.88 doesn’t work. I’ve tried with Firefox and Chrome. I’ve update cheat engine to 6.7, but nothing happened

  8. Hello, please update to new version. v88 is dead :/

  9. Hy,

    i do no understand, sometimes it works and sometimes not.
    You have any idea why?

    Thanks bro

  10. Hey,
    there was a content update to the game. Might you update the Cheat once more? 😉

  11. Fakkke ! Not working

  12. Does not work, please fix that

  13. 85 not working

  14. Not working at 10/18/2016, could you fix it?

  15. not working at armorgames

  16. Not working; needs update 10/5/2016. Ok thank you

  17. Version 83 doesn’t work at 10/1/2016. Pls, could you let original tower range? Every evolution has no range, and are only working special effect of towers…

  18. Towers don’t attack, only heros can attack v.83not working

  19. Not working now 9/22/2016

    • The King Of Tower trainer hack tower and heroes has been updated on ‎‎‎‎‎‎Friday, ‎September ‎23, ‎2016. Update to The King Of Tower hack version 83 (TKOT-Trainer V.83).

  20. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in version 82 today 09/22/16 Update please!

  21. Not Work Today 9/9/2016

  22. v.77 not work any more. please update

  23. Hi 74 is Not Working anymore ty

  24. Don’t work anymore:(Can you fix please?

  25. don’t work, please update

  26. update please don’t work

    • done, hack TKOT has been updated to v.71, don’t forget to enable hack on the loading page after click “fight” button (enable hack after loading page has reached more than 1% and less than 80%)

  27. need update again

  28. neeв update

  29. need update

  30. don’t work,please update…

  31. Has been patched!

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