Fashland Cheats Infinite and Instant Delivery Hack

By | March 24th, 2017

Fashland Cheats infinite diamonds, coins and instant delivery hack only using Cheat Engine Table Trainer (.CETRAINER), free download, no password, no survey, safe no banned already tested and 100% work watch video for proof.

Function of Fashland: Dress Up for Fashion hack is allow you to get unlimited coins, can instant delivery product and get unlimited diamonds (coins and diamonds that i mean is virtual currency in the Fashland: Dress Up for Fashion game).

Fashland: Dress Up for Fashion hack safe no banned only using cheat engine table trainer was made  by me. So, please tell me if this hack not work, I will updated as soon as possible. Thank you for using my trainer.

Importent Notice: If you keep diamonds not more 1000 you not got banned, so tips for this cheat is don’t make your diamonds more 1000, just make your diamond less for 900. To make safe, just select delivery item for time 1 min or 5 min required time.

Updating Information: Fashland: Dress Up for Fashion cetrainer has been updated on October ‎02, ‎2017. Update to trainer version 02 (support Fashland on Facebook Gameroom).

Features of Fashland Cheats Unlimted and Instant Delivery Hack:

  • Anti-ban: Make sure you enable this if you don’t want to get banned and don’t misuse the gem hacks.
  • 1,000,000 Coins on Cleaning Floor: Clean the floor for 1 million coins payout!
  • Gems on Delivering: Gems are dropped instead of coins after delivering a product (select product not more then 500 coins).

Tutorial Fashland Cheats Unlimted and Instant Delivery Hack:

  • Download Cheat Engine 6.6 and Fashland cetrainer.
  • Play Fashland game through your favorite browser or Facebook Gameroom application and select process browser in the Cetrainer. Example: FlashPlayerPlugin for Firefox browser, Chrome for Google Chrome browser or Facebook Gameroom Browser for Facebook gameroom application.
  • Enable hack one by one on the loading page (use STOP/RUN LOAD button in the cetrainer to stop or run loading)
  • Read general guide for using Fashland Cheat or
  • Watch video tutorial below for more details: 

Tools Required For Fashland Cheats Unlimted and Instant Delivery:

Cheat Engine latest version. Make sure you are installed Cheat Engine latest version or Cheat Engine version 6.6 before use this trainer. Click button below to download Cheat Engine latest version:

Cheat Engine Latest Version

Fashland: Dress Up for Fashion cetrainer version 02 (free download, no password and no survey). Click button below to download Fashland cetrainer version 02 (Work for 32-bit or 64-bit):

Download Fashland Hack V.02

26 thoughts on “Fashland Cheats Infinite and Instant Delivery Hack

  1. Meeeee

    HEy deny? can you tell me how to download the cheat?? I just need it right now!!!

  2. Ackermanlet25

    excuse me, I just want to clarify some things since I have downloaded the cheat, and I just want to ask if it will be risky to use it and have the possibility to be banned from the game?

  3. ThankYou

    I can’t download the one “Fashland Trainer 32 bit”.
    But I’ve download the Cheat Engine.

    When I try to open the link to download the “Fashland Trainer 32 bit”, it says “ERROR 404 – NOT FOUND”.
    Can you please help me?

    Thank you Deny! 🙂

    1. deny04 Post author

      Sorry about that, now please download again, because hack has been reupload and i make this hack in CETRAINER format (simple, only 9 KB and safe)

  4. Piera

    Ciao.Per Please could you see if there are tricks for these games? Royal stories and taonga?

          1. deni

            the download in the PDF adobe reader says the download is damaged.

          2. deni

            Forget it, sounds like an unsafe file that may damage my computer and you offer no help at all.

          3. deny04 Post author

            my laptop still a life. if my trainer make your computer damage and then my laptop also damage, but until now my laptop still a life and healthy

    1. deny04 Post author

      Please watching the video tutorial carefully, if still can’t use this hack please tell me what your problem? Maybe i can help.


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