Clash of War Multifunction Hack

Clash of War multifunction hack only using Cheat Engine Trainer or CETrainer. free hack, free download, no password, no survey, 100% work watching video for proof and safe no banned already tested using two account. Play Clash of War game and build your base defense quickly, because this hack has function to instant upgrade all building, instant build all building, speeding in getting resources and reducing the resources that needed to upgrade building.

Clash of War multifunction hack only using Cheat Engine Trainer or CETrainer was made by Cyber Wolf, not by me. So, if this hack not work please cantact him, you can contact him via her facebook account or his website.

Updating Information: Clash of War Multifunction Hack has been update on ‎Tuesday, ‎July ‎19, ‎2016. Update to hack version ClashOfWar-18July2016.


What’s contained in this CETrainer?

  • Instant Building Upgrade with Resource Bypass: Upgrade time for building is 2 seconds and resources are very low. Doesn’t matter what level you upgrade to , the resources taken for the upgrade are low.
  • Instant Unit Production: Ground Units /Air units / Water Units are produced or in other words , you can instantly train these unis. You will see the unlocked units under barrack–> Train.
  • Instant Unit Research: Upgrades your units instantly.
  • Faster Resources: You gain resources x100 times faster from your Steel mills , Rare earth mineral and Well.
  • Unlock All Units: You can unlock all the units to train (if your barracks could be opened).

NOTE: Please enable all hacks when the game is at 100% loading. Instant Unit production and research is in one single hack.

Game Link: Clash-Of-War Facebook Game

Tools Required For Clash of War Multifunction Hack:

Cheat Engine, recommended use Cheat Engine latest version:

Cheat Engine Latest Version



Clash of War hack (free download, no password and no survey):

Clash-of-Wars Hack New Version



Video For Clash of War Multifunction Hack:


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