Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack

By | August 1st, 2016

Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack, free download, no password, no survey, safe no banned, 100% work and always update when Baseball Heroes game was updated by developer of Baseball Heroes game.

Removing cheat detection, instant max combo, no absorb combo, automatic hit and Easy RBI is features of Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack. Won Baseball Heroes game easily by using Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack.

Updating Information For Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack:
Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack has been updated on Monday, ‎August ‎01, ‎2016. Update hack to BBH v1.1.10.796. Tell me by add your comment or massage me if this hack not work or link to download has broken.

Do not open Cheat Engine if you use or open my hack, because if you open cheat engine then hack will be automatic closed and download hack in accordance with you OS version, example: If your OS is 32-bit then download hack 32Bit.

Select process browser two time if you use Google Chrome browser:

First Steps:
Select process browser (Chrome) then click “Inject” button after you get in to the main page of the game, then enable one hack.

Second Steps:
After enable one hack, then back to selected browser (Chrome) then click “Inject” button once again, after that enable all hack by click name of hack then click “enable” button. If no take long time when enable hack, that mean hack successfully enabled.

Video Tutorial For Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack:

Tools Required For Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack:

Cheat Engine (download and install, but do not open):

Download Cheat Engine

Baseball Heroes Hack Trainer Version

Download Trainer 32-BIT – Download Trainer 64-BIT

28 thoughts on “Baseball Heroes Trainer All In One Hack

  1. asemriwing

    nice trainer bang… makasih banyak… tinggal cari duitnya gmn ya? (bukan koin) hehehehe

    1. deny04 Post author

      Kendala yang sering terjadi adalah browser (peramban) yang digunakan!
      Jika anda menggunakan firefox maka silahkan pilih flashplayerplugin. Untuk pengguna Google Chrome maka ada kemungkinan anda harus inject Chrome browser 2 kali.
      Metode pemilihan proses browser untuk Google Chrome:
      – Masuk ke permainan dan jangan klik apapun saat sudah masuk ke game.
      – Kemudian pilih proser browser (Chrome), kemudian enable 1 hack saja.
      – Setelah itu kembali ke pemilihan proses browser lagi.
      – Dan silahkan pilih Chrome sekali lagi.
      – Langkah terakhir, enable hack satu persatu (klik nama hack kemudian klik tombol enable)

  2. Afrial

    gan, maaf nanya lagi itu bener caranya klo pake browser Chrome itu caranya dua2nya?

    1. Nabil Ahmad Azra

      klik yg ada tulisan download dan jgn lupa bro lihat bit PC/LAPTOP lu bro

  3. Bobbi

    need an update..BaseballHeroes v1.1.10.796 … also could use a trainer for the Baseball Heroes masters version of this game aswell..

  4. hector ramirez

    Hello trainer bbh v1.1.10.792 no longer works thanks expect the update v1.1.10.796


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